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Volunteers with the Boston CrusadersVolunteers are the backbone of the Boston Crusaders. Without the help of thousands of volunteers, the Boston Crusaders would not have survived and thrived over these past 75 years. Every year we count on our volunteers to help make each members’ experience a great one.

Whether it’s a day, a week, or a month, your time, skills, and resources allow corps members to have the experience of a lifetime, and in turn you will build great new friendships with each other, the staff, members and alumni of the corps.

Kitchen Crew

Can you slice, dice, dish out food, and clean up after meals? We typically serve the members, staff, management, and volunteers four healthy meals a day. You don’t need much more experience than how to boil water, open cans, slice meat and vegetables, measure ingredients per recipe, spoon food onto the plate of a grateful corps member, and wash dishes. Don’t have that experience? We will gladly help you develop it.

Uniform Team

Do you love the idea of seeing the results of you work under the bright lights of the stadium? Even if your sewing skills are a little rusty, or maybe even non-existent, we can always use a few more willing hands on the uniform team. Starting at the winter camps and continuing into spring training, our uniform team is fitting members into their uniforms. Once the corps begins touring, additional adjustments and repairs are needed and we will also need to wash the uniforms several times each season. After the corps has wrapped up the season, the uniforms will need to be washed one last time and inventoried so that they are ready for next season.

Transportation Team

Do you love driving? Our tour operations team needs a driver to drive the “chase vehicle”. This is the vehicle that we use for local trips when we are at a housing site, airport runs to make pick-ups & drop-offs and it is the first vehicle to each new housing site.
We also need drivers who would like to help out when we are in town for the big weekends. You would be surprised at how valuable it is for us to have someone with a car who is available to make that extra run to the store or to the airport.

Tour Operations Team

Are you a problem-solver? the tour ops team needs volunteers who can join us on tour as assistants. You can help us with many day-to-day tasks, projects and requests that are vital to the successful operation of the corps. You will have to be vetted through our Operations Manager and our Tour Manager.

Merchandise Team

Do you like engaging with people? Do you have retail experience? Selling Boston Crusaders gear is an important part of supporting the Boston Crusaders. Our merchandise team provides much-needed financial support to the Boston Crusaders through the sale of popular merchandise at each contest during the tour. Typically, merchandise team will manage inventory, set-up the market place before each event, engage with customers, fans, family, and alumni during the contest and ensure the operation is closed down and everything is accounted for at the end of each event. Merchandise team members will have to be vetted through our Operations Manager and our Merchandise Manager.

Hometown Help

Help us while we’re near your hometown or when you have traveled to watch a show: Take us to the grocery store, help with doctor runs, or give the touring kitchen volunteers a break! A few hours of your time can make a huge difference when we’re visiting your area.

Wellness & Medical Team

Are you in the medical field? Medical personnel are needed to ensure the physical well being of the members, staff, management, and volunteers while touring the country.
RN or similar – we are looking for licensed Registered Nurses with at least two years of current Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care Unit, or Emergency Room experience.
Sports Medicine or similar – we are also looking for Sports Medicine, Physical Therapists, Physicians, and other licensed health care professionals who may be interested in volunteering over the summer.


Volunteer FAQs

If I am a tour volunteer, what kinds of accommodations are provided for sleeping arrangements?

Volunteers sleep in our specially-designed coach equipped with bunk beds or on air mattresses in a designated “volunteer room” within the facility that the corps is housed.

Who should I contact about volunteering on tour?

Please complete the volunteer interest form or contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@crusaders.com.

What if I am on tour and need to leave the tour for an emergency?

Emergencies do happen and Boston Crusaders will make every effort to get you to a nearby transportation center, however, you will be responsible for all costs associated with your return travel.

Does it cost me anything to tour with Boston Crusaders as a volunteer?

Other than “spending money” you will not normally incur any costs while on tour. You will eat almost all your meals from our mobile kitchen, be provided with sleeping accommodations, and receive a “volunteer pass” for entry into the corps’ performances (space-available seating as designated by the show promoter).

On tour, how much free time will I have?

There may be small blocks of time during the day when you will have time to read a book or catch a nap, but for the most part our volunteers are “on duty” most of the time when we are not traveling down the road.

How much physical activity is required for volunteering?

Depending on the volunteer position you sign up for the amount of physical activity can vary tremendously. For our touring volunteers as well as some other more active positions, we recommend that you be able to be on your feet 5-7 hours/day, lift 20+lbs, be exposed to high temperatures and other outside environmental settings, and not have any medical conditions that may hinder full participation in some work duties.