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Which camps do I need to go to?

  • Sunday, Nov. 11th (one day camp) – Indianapolis, IN – Register Now
  • Saturday, Nov. 17th (one day camp) – Indianapolis, IN – Register Now
  • Saturday, Nov. 24th (one day camp) – San Antonio, TX – Register Now
  • Sunday, Nov. 25th (one day camp) – Dallas, TX – Register Now
  • Saturday, Dec. 1st (one day camp) – Tampa, FL – Register Now
  • Video Audition – Still Accepting – Register Now
  • FINAL AUDITION (mandatory) – Virtual Event Information TBA

It is highly advised that you attend a November or December camp before participating in the final audition. If you cannot attend a Nov/Dec camp, a video audition is allowed. Please contact if you are unable to attend any of the Nov/Dec camps and need to send in a video.

Each camp is an audition camp. We do not have “callbacks” for the guard. You may attend any of the audition camps. There is no requirement to attend multiple camps — that’s up to you!

What fees do I need to pay?

If you are auditioning for the 2019 Boston Crusaders Color Guard you only need to pay the audition/registration fee for each event you attend. Visit the audition page and click on the camp you would like to attend. It’ll take you to an Eventbrite checkout page. Pay the registration fee and you’re all set! If you receive a contract you will need to pay tuition fees. A breakdown of tuition back be found on the audition page.

What should I wear?

You need to wear something comfortable and form fitting–dance attire. Please remember that this is an audition and you want to look your best. Wear clothing that allows you to move about freely. Keep hair out of the face. We advise against wearing jewelry (minor jewelry like stud earrings are okay). Bring sneakers–you’ll wear them while we spin equipment.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Please bring equipment if you can. However, we will provide equipment — weapons and flags. We will be spinning 39″ sabres and 38″ rifles. If you do not have a 38″ rifle and would like to bring a 39″ instead, that is okay. Please no 36″ equipment. Flags will be provided.

Do I have to audition on weapon to make the color guard?

It is not required to spin a weapon to audition. First and foremost, everyone must be able to spin a flag and dance well to make the color guard. We decide the number of people that will spin weapon in the show based on the talent at auditions and show design needs. Casting needs may be different year to year.

What are the age requirements?

In accordance to the DCI age requirements, we cannot take anyone over 22 years old. We do not have a minimum age requirement. Please refer to the DCI age calculator on their website to check if you are eligible to march.

What will the audition camp be like?

The audition process will differs depending on the length of the camp. Please check the website to confirm which type of camp you are attending.

For the weekend camps, we will begin on Friday night with dance. We will start with basic movement technique. This will set you up to get comfortable and have a good understanding of the style that we are looking for. We will teach the choreography piece (that will be performed for the audition) Friday night. Saturday, we will continue with dance training and will finish up the choreography that was taught the night before. You’ll then move on to flag, where we will start with basic technique. We will teach the choreography after that. Weapon technique and choreography will be taught Saturday night. On Sunday, we will review all choreography/audition pieces. You will perform them in groups for your final audition. For November and December camp, you will receive feedback and a tier rating at the end of the camp.

For the day-long camps, the order of events are similar to the weekend camps–everything is just condensed down to a day. We will spend more time learning and less time with fundamentals and breaking down the choreography. You come in, learn the pieces, and perform them at the end of the camp. These camps will usually start in the morning/early afternoon and go until the evening (with a meal break built in the schedule).

**PLEASE REMEMBER** The entire process is an audition–from the moment you walk in the door until you leave at the end of the camp.

The schedule of the audition camp is subject to change. This is to give you a general idea of how the weekend will go.

During the audition camps, we will be doing relaxed interviews with each auditionee. This interview is simply a way for us to make sure we have all of your information correct, to get to know you a little better, and for you to ask us any questions you may have.

What are you looking for in the audition?

This is a casting. We select our members based on what the production demands and what roles are needed. Exactly what we are looking for differs from year to year based on the casting needs for that year’s production.

From a skill perspective, we are always looking for the highest level of excellence–from technical standards to performance.

Other variables that will be taken into consideration are work ethic, cooperation with others, financial standing with the drum corps, level of retention (of quality and details), and, very importantly, your willingness to learn.

Will the feedback tell me if I got a spot?

The feedback is simply for you to use as a tool to improve and to give you an idea of where you stand (relative to that camp). It does not guarantee spots on the guard.

At the November and December camps, you will receive personalized written feedback and a tier number (1, 2, or 3) to help you gauge how you did. The priority of these camps is for you to learn about us–try to absorb as much as you can about our style, process, philosophies, and our expectations.

If you send in a video audition, you will only receive feedback. No tier number.

Will I be cut or given a spot at the November/December camps?

We want to give everyone a fair and honest assessment of where they stand. We hope that the transparency of our assessment can help our auditionees plan accordingly earlier in the off season while giving them the best shot of moving forward toward their goal of marching in DCI. We won’t make any cuts in November and December.

Spots/contracts WILL be given out November and December camps, as well as video auditions. Early auditioning is encouraged! The rest of our spots will be given out at the Final Audition.

When is the move-in date?

The move-in date for 2019 is May 22nd, 2019. Please visit the Boston Crusaders page to stay up-to-date on move-in information.

What if I can’t move-in on time due to a conflict?

All conflicts will be addressed individually at the camps during the interview process.

How these affect your membership is case by case. Time commitment and schedule conflicts are taken into account before the final audition takes place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please E-mail Kylee Hubbard at