Which auditions do I need to go to?

Color guard auditionees may choose from:

  • Saturday, November 20th in Indianapolis, IN

  • Or submit a video by Wednesday, December 15th

What fees do I need to pay?

Auditionees are required to pay an audition fee of $125. Prices increase to $150 one week before each audition date (November 13th for Indianapolis, November 21st for Video.) There will be an additional camp fee of $200 associated with the Ireland trip and April camp. Once contracted, members will also be placed on a tuition payment plan. All financial information and deadlines will be broken down in the member contract.

What should I wear?

You need to wear something comfortable and form fitting–dance attire. Please remember that this is an audition and you want to look your best. Wear clothing that allows you to move about freely. Keep hair out of the face. We advise against wearing jewelry (minor jewelry like stud earrings are okay). Please bring sneakers, you’ll wear them while we spin equipment. This also applies to video auditionees.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Please bring equipment if you can. We will provide weapons and flags but have a limited amount. We will be spinning 39″ sabres and 38″ rifles. If you do not have a 38″ rifle and would like to bring a 39″ instead, that is okay. Please no 36″ equipment. Flags will be provided.

Do I have to audition on weapon to make the color guard?

It is not required to spin a weapon to audition. First and foremost, everyone must be able to spin a flag and dance well to make the color guard. We decide the number of people that will spin weapon in the show based on the talent at auditions and show design needs. Casting needs may be different year to year.

What is an in-person audition like?

Each audition day begins with dance and basic movement technique. This will set you up to get comfortable and have a good understanding of the style that we are looking for. We will teach the choreography piece (that will be performed for the audition) and continue to refine throughout the day. You’ll then move on to flag where we will start with basic technique. We will teach the choreography after that. Weapon technique and choreography will be taught later in the day. You will perform them in groups for your final audition. These one-day camps are fast moving with lots of learning. You will come in, learn the pieces, and perform them at the end of the camp. We will break in between blocks for meals.

**PLEASE REMEMBER** The entire process is an audition–from the moment you walk in the door until you leave at the end of the camp.

During the audition camps, we will be doing relaxed interviews with each auditionee. This interview is simply a way for us to make sure we have all of your information correct, to get to know you a little better, and for you to ask us any questions you may have.

What should I include in a video audition?

  • An introduction of yourself (name, age, where you’re from, where you have marched, and past experience)

  • Movement technique and choreography found in the Facebook Interest Group

  • Equipment tosses and choreography found in the Facebook Interest Group

  • Please include any special tricks or skills that you have in movement (tumbling, aerials, flexibility, etc)

  • There is no time limit for the video audition, but make it a video that stands out and highlights your highest abilities. We want you to highlight your best skills.

    Register and submit you video audition here.

    What are you looking for in the audition?

    This is a casting. We select our members based on what the production demands and what roles are needed. Exactly what we are looking for differs from year to year based on the casting needs for that year’s production. From a skill perspective, we are always looking for the highest level of excellence–from technical standards to performance. Other variables that will be taken into consideration are work ethic, cooperation with others, financial standing with the drum corps, level of retention (of quality and details), and, very importantly, your willingness to learn.

    What is the summer like? What is the time commitment?

    Contracted members will be required to attend a weekend April camp in Indianapolis in late April. All members will move into Castleton University in Castleton, VT in mid-May for spring training. The corps will rehearse in Vermont until mid-June when we embark for tour. A full tour schedule will be announced in the winter. The season will culminate at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis on August 13th.

    What if I still have questions or conflicts with the season?

    Send us an email at! A member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.





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