2021 Guest and Rehearsal Protocol

There are no photographs, audio recording, or video recording by any member, staff, cleared guest or visitor at rehearsal.

Our protocols do not allow for day volunteers. All volunteers must be scheduled in advance through volunteers@bostoncrusaders.org.

For any person planning to attend any rehearsal site please read:

Rehearsal sites:

  • Masked guests are welcome to watch rehearsal from the main rehearsal field stadium stands only. We require all guests – vaccinated or not – to properly wear masks over the nose and mouth. If you do not want to wear a mask – do not come to our rehearsal sites.
  • Masked guests are not to approach any staff person, administrator or volunteer.
  • Masked guests are not to approach any member.
  • Masked guests are not allowed in any corps common area (trucks, sleeping areas, etc).
  • “Cleared guest” requests will still be honored ONLY IF it has already been communicated and approved by administration. We will not be clearing any additional “cleared guests.”

Performance sites:

  • Boston Crusaders warmup areas may only be viewed from designated areas (if those areas are available). For DCI shows in Quincy, Lawrence and Lawrence the general public is not allowed in any of the corps warmup areas. Please go inside and watch the corps perform. Many corps will make warmup and “lot” videos available on social media.
  • Bus and truck areas are off limits to all general public.