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What will the audition day be like?

You will check in and start with a group meeting. After the meeting battery and pit will split up and work through material as a group. You will be pulled into an individual audition during the group rehearsal. We staff our auditions with those responsible for ultimately casting the membership and offering contracts. The music audition will consist of performing the prepared audition material (your solo and the assigned exercise) for the BAC percussion caption head or a full time BAC percussion teacher.

What should I prepare for my individual audition?

Battery (2020 Audition Packet)

Please demonstrate Boston Strokes, McNutt Basics, Two Height Rolls, and Barber Flams. Please demonstrate two different tempos. A medium tempo and a fast tempo would be the recommended approach. There is room for you to determine exactly what tempo will best show your playing and performance ability so please pick tempos that will best reflect your experience as a performer.

In addition, please be prepared to perform a 20-30 second solo that best shows your experience and talents. This could be literally anything you are comfortable playing that can show us how you perform.

No visual/marching required.

Pit (2020 Audition Packet)

Two Mallet Material

  • IHOP #1 at 140bpm and 180bpm
  • Boogie at 132bpm and 172bpm

Four Mallet Material

  • DVC- 3x’s continuous at 150bpm
  • Two-Handed Timing- tempo at discretion of the player
  • Double Lateral Chorale- as indicated

“Goliath” Excerpt

  • Giant Steps

Solo Piece for Marimba/Vibe/Xylo/Timpani/Piano:

  • Please prepare a 1-2 minute excerpt of a piece that displays your technical proficiency and musicality.

What is the evaluation process?

You will be rated musically and visually: 3 (not callback ready), 2 (callback camp invite), 1 (callback camp invite & contract trajectory). We often use “+ and/or -”; i.e. 2+ to give an indication of your range.

Will I know if I received a callback before leaving the audition?


What should I bring?

  1. Sticks or mallets for whatever instrument you are trying out for. Please have sticks and mallets taped with white stick tape (battery)
  2. 3-ringbinder with plastic sheet protectors (non-glare) and pencils.
  3. If possible, your own drum with stand and/or harness (battery)