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Video Requirements

  1. You must first register HERE
  2. Upload your video to YouTube as UNLISTED
  3. E-mail the YouTube link to

What To Include In Your Video

Brass Requirements

  1. Exercise 4 (Found in 2020 Audition Packet). Please be prepared to play this exercise at Quarter Note = 172
  2. A 1 to 2.5 minute technical solo, etude, or characteristic study of your choosing.
  3. Demonstration of your marching abilities. The marching portion should include a basic marching exercise demonstrating your forward, backward, forward slide and backward slide techniques. This marching exercise should be performed at quarter note equals 80 beats per minute and 180 beats per minute. Please remember that you do NOT need to play while demonstrating this exercise.

Percussion Requirements

BATTERY (2020 Audition Packet)

Please demonstrate Boston Strokes, McNutt Basics, Two Height Rolls, and Barber Flams. Please demonstrate two different tempos. A medium tempo and a fast tempo would be the recommended approach. There is room for you to determine exactly what tempo will best show your playing and performance ability so please pick tempos that will best reflect your experience as a performer.

In addition, please be prepared to perform a 20-30 second solo that best shows your experience and talents. This could be literally anything you are comfortable playing that can show us how you perform.

No visual/marching required.

PIT (2020 Audition Packet)

Two Mallet Material

  • IHOP #1 at 140bpm and 180bpm
  • Boogie at 132bpm and 172bpm

Four Mallet Material

  • DVC- 3x’s continuous at 150bpm
  • Two-Handed Timing- tempo at discretion of the player
  • Double Lateral Chorale- as indicated

“SOS” Excerpt

  • Please perform either the marimba or vibraphone excerpt.

Solo Piece for Marimba/Vibe/Xylo/Timpani/Piano:

  • Please record a 1-2 minute excerpt of a piece that displays your technical proficiency and musicality.

Color Guard Requirements

Video auditions are for those who cannot attend a camp and would like to participate in the early audition process. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks for your video to be reviewed. You will receive feedback similar to the feedback given to the auditionees that attend a camp. You will not receive a tier number rating (1,2,3).

Video auditions are a great way to be seen before the final audition in April, but those that attend a camp in person will have major advantages. Although we get to see you in video, you don’t get to see us. Knowing the staff and their expectations are vital to succeeding in the audition.


  1. An introduction of yourself (name, age, where you’re from, where you have marched, and past experience)
  2. Movement technique and choreography
  3. Equipment tosses and choreography
  4. Please include any special tricks or skills that you have in movement (tumbling, aerials, flexibility, etc)

There is no time limit for the video audition, but make it a video that stands out and highlights your highest abilities. If you are doing basic dance exercises and across the floors, please keep in mind you want to demonstrate skills that are at a World Class level. We don’t need to see the very basics. We want you to highlight your best skills.

For equipment, you should demonstrate tossing abilities as well as any tricks or special skills that you have. You do not need to include technique exercises in your video audition. We will let you know what technique exercises you will expected to know–stay current on the Facebook page for that information.

You should include a choreographed piece for both movement and equipment. The choreography should display a dynamic range in performance and skill while demonstrating an understanding for the music.