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1940 Club/Scholarship Fund

Easily contribute to BAC scholarships with automated donations!

As member dues continue to rise, we strive to be able to aid our Giants in having the experience of a lifetime! Contribute just $19.40/month or make a one time donation, your contribution will go directly to scholarships to offset members’ tuition fees! You will be listed as a 1940 Club member and you can designate a preferred section to receive your funds. All 1940 Club donations are tax deductible.



1940 Club Scholarship Recipients


Cameron Marquez, George Theodoroulis, Josh Ballinger, Coral Navarre, Gavin Schmidt, Brian Spencer, Jon Karels, Conner Adams, Taylor Hartman, Austin Bezdek, Dominique Lousteau, Maryl Harris, Karen Kusano, Santiago Estrada, Alec Weltz, Mariana Araujo, Bethany Brown, Amber Padgett, Hermes Valencia, Ethan Fain, Daniel Gutierrez


Nick Rood, Colin Moulton, Laura Vokey, Reece Davis, Shelby Titus, Patrick Glenn, Angel Rodriguez, Daniel Shinohara, Kenny Swartout, Dominique Lousteau, Juan Arreguin, Merrily Lyons, Chris Quevedo, Nick Winckel, Matt Hogan, Tommy Lorbacher, Alejandro Cruz, Aaron Gavin, Daniel Gutierrez