The Boston Crusaders Hall of Fame is reserved to those individuals who have made a significant, impactful and sustained contribution as a marching member, teacher, creative designer, administrator, or volunteer. For many Hall of Famers it is a combination of service to the organization.

Nominations and letters of support must be submitted through the website. The forms are linked at the bottom of the page. Prior to the nomination process – please review the eligibility and criteria below.


Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for enshrinement into the Boston Crusaders Hall of Fame:

  • Member: A member must be fully retired for four full seasons before being eligible for enshrinement. The member may then be considered for enshrinement in the fifth year of retirement.

  • Staff or Administrator: A staff member or administrator must be either fully retired for four full seasons or, if still an active, that person will then be considered for enshrinement in the sixth year.

  • Contributor: A person is eligible for enshrinement as a contributor at any time for significant contributions to the Crusaders. What constitutes a “significant contribution” shall be determined by the Nominating Committee, along with all required support.


To be considered for membership into the BACHOF, a nominee must:

  1. Have demonstrated a significant, impactful and sustained contribution to the Boston Crusaders.

  2. This contribution should have made a direct impact on the direction of the organization or its members.

  3. The contribution should be reflective of the core values of the Boston Crusaders.

  4. The nominee should be in good standing with the Boston Crusaders/Inspire Arts & Music.


A completed nomination form available on the Boston Crusaders website below shall be submitted to the Boston Crusaders organization. All nominees with completed nomination forms (one nomination and 3 or more additional letters of support) are presented to the Hall of Fame Committee for review. All nominations and letters in support must be submitted through the form documents provided below.


The Boston Crusaders Hall of Fame uses a Hall of Fame Committee to administer the nomination and election process. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the nomination process and presenting nominees to the Boston Crusaders Hall of Famers as candidates for election to the Hall of Fame. The Committee has access to and support from the Inspire Arts & Music office.

The Hall of Fame Committee is composed of nine individual BAC Hall of Famers. Two of the individuals serve as Co-Chairs. The remaining seven individuals compose the Nominating Committee. As committee members’ terms expire, the committee will solicit nominations from the current Hall of Fame members to serve. The Hall of Fame will vote on nominees, and majority vote will determine who is seated on the Hall of Fame Committee.

All of the committee members serve in three year staggered terms. Committee members shall make a nomination in their expiring term year as to another BAC Hall of Famer to serve on the Committee. The Hall of Fame committee will strive to reflect the diversity found within the 80+ years of participation, membership, volunteerism, education and leadership of the Boston Crusaders.

Hall of Fame Committee Members (expiring terms)

  • Steve Dolley* (9/2025)
  • Melissa Greer* (9/2024)
  • Howard Weinstein (9/2026)
  • Jen Gold (9/2024)
  • Neal Smith (9/2025)
  • Tony DiCarlo (9/2025)
  • Kim Mitchell-Potter (9/2026)
  • Dave Surface (9/2024)
  • Lee Wells-Smith (9/2026)


Role of the Co-Chairs

The Co-chairs review all nominations submitted. A completed nomination form (submitted through the BAC website on the form document), along with a minimum of three letters in support of the nomination (submitted through the BAC website, on the form document), upon review by the co-chairs, will be forwarded to the nominating committee for evaluation and vote.

  • Co-chairs do not vote on nominations.

  • Co-chairs will report back to the nominating person as to the status of their nomination and the nomination process at the appropriate time.

  • The Hall of Fame committee will elect a Chair upon expiration of a Chair’s term.

  • Chairs will serve a two year staggered term.

  • Co-Chairs shall appoint committee members, should a committee member vacate prior to the end of their term. The appointment shall serve out the remainder of the term; and that person is still eligible to serve a full three year term.

Role of the Nominating Committee

The seven members of the Nominating Committee shall review each nomination and apply the criteria to the substance of the nomination and letters in support. The Nominating Committee shall vote on each nomination as to whether the nominee should be presented to the full BAC Hall of Fame for consideration.

  • Nominees must secure affirmative votes from 5 of the 7 nominating committee members in order to be presented to the full BAC Hall of Fame for consideration.

  • Nominees who secure at least 1 affirmative vote shall remain in the nomination pool, provided the person who completed the nomination form consents. There is no limitation on the number of years a nominee may be considered for election provided the nominee receives at least one affirmative vote in subsequent processes. Additional letters of support may be presented by using the letter in support of the nomination form.

  • Nominees who do not secure a single affirmative vote will not be considered by the committee again for five years.


The Nominating committee will present qualified candidates, along with all nomination documents and letters, for consideration to the full BAC Hall of Famers.

  • Candidates must secure at least 2/3s of the votes cast to be elected.

  • Hall of Fame members may vote for any, all, or none of the candidates.

  • Should a candidate secure less than 2/3s of the votes cast, the candidate shall be presented for future consideration, as long as the nominator consents.

  • Should a candidate secure less than 1/3 of the votes cast, the candidate will not be presented to the Hall of Famers for future consideration for a period of five years and upon request after five years.


Candidates elected to the Hall of Fame will be notified and public recognition and presentation will be planned by the Hall of Fame Committee and Inspire Arts & Music; and they will be Enshrined.

Conflict of Interest

No member of the Hall of Fame Committee shall nominate or provide a letter in support of nomination during the term of their committee work, as to avoid conflict of interest with the process and their committee work.

Removal from the Boston Crusaders Hall of Fame

Under extraordinary circumstances and upon a unanimous vote of the Hall of Fame committee, a Hall of Famer may be removed from the Boston Crusaders Hall of Fame.


Ready to nominate an eligible candidate? Nomination forms will be available here when the nomination process reopens for 2024.


Chris Holland
David Lafond
Michael Coulson

Honorary Boston Crusaders:
Jack Kaplan
Bill Grasso


Dan “Sully” Sullivan
Eric Rosen
Jen Gold
Kevin Thebado
The Kelley Family
Dot Wynne (In Memory)
Don Whitman (In Memory)

Honorary Boston Crusaders:

Donna Monte
Karen McGee
Marty McGee

Jim Centorino
Rich Gobbi
Rita Marshall
Lee Wells-Smith
Ginny Pitts Commander

Honorary Boston Crusaders:

John Stark
Jay Kennedy

George Day
Jack Donovan
Kim Mitchell
Scott Williamson

Honorary Boston Crusaders:

Ryan George
Rick Woodall

Tammy Fallon
Irene Foley
John Gaffney
Jay McMahon
Clare Reed
Dave Surface

Honorary Boston Crusaders:

Karen Dillard
Philip Costa


Honoring the Valiants Junior Drum and Bugle Corps, Hyde Park, MA

Tom Santino
Tom Spataro
Ken Flanagan

Michael Cahill
Daniel Dwan
John Lee

Carl Mayer
Paul Debassio
Paul Ward

Tom Crowne
Richard Carlevale
Gerry Dolan
Recognition of the 1983 Boston Crusaders

Tom Lizotte
Bob Bedard
Jim Lyons
John Lyons

Jack Laselva
Ed McCabe
Ricky Woodall
Recognizing the Most Precious Blood Cavaliers, Most Precious Blood Crusaders and 1965 Crusaders

Jim and Ann Hughes
Jason W. Maxner
Jerry Noonan
Ed Rooney
Recognizing the 2000 Boston Crusaders

Recognizing the 1979 and 1999 Boston Crusaders

George Bevilacqua
Paul Byrne
Steve Cirillo
Wayne and Alyce Hayden
John Montgomery
Helen Taylor
Recognizing the 1957/1958 Hyde Park Crusaders

Steve Dolley
Bob Griffin
Pat LaSelva
Chris Raichle
Recognizing the 1967 Boston Crusaders

Paul Bush
Neil Connolly
Bob Devlin
Joseph P. Kennedy
Patty Marshall Stine
Howard Weinstein
Recognizing the 1973 Boston Crusaders

Tony DiCarlo
Paul & Nancy Gowern
Dan & Melissa Greer
Paul Palange
Jim Stokinger

James P. Cronin
David F. Simon
James ‘G’ Watts

Ed Denon
Gerry Shellmer
Neal Smith
Daniel Pitts
Joseph Ricci

William L. Binford
Paul J. Pitts
Donato J. Rinaldi
Michael J. Woodall

Father Connolly
Joseph Whitman
Joseph and Felcia Dowling
Anthony J. Smith