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Lion's Den
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2019 Show Coin
Extra Benefits
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Corps Hall Wall Recognition
Tickets to ECC, CYO, or Banquet (call office to request 617-268-4600)2244
Tickets to a DCI Regional Event (call office to request 617-268-4600)24
2019 Lion's Den Gift

General Fund

The general fund is in place to preserve the quality of the member experience. The General Fund typically covers repairs to vehicles, bus and truck rentals, housing, stadium rehearsal rentals, tents, tables, chairs, field paint, tools, uniform repairs, medical needs, etc…



Your contribution goes directly to the members’ breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks while on the road! We burn over 4,000 calories per day! Make sure to check our Facebook page throughout the summer to see personalized “Thank Yous” from our members!

Fuel BAC

Help get us down the road! With costs of over $100,000 in fuel alone, traveling across the country every summer is no small feat. The BAC fleet is made up of over a dozen vehicles that travel a combined 170,000+ miles throughout the summer! Each and every gallon counts!

1940 Club / Scholarship Fund

As member dues continue to rise, we strive to be able to aid our Giants in having the experience of a lifetime! Contribute just $19.40/month or make a one time donation! You will be listed as a 1940 Club member and you can designate a preferred section to receive your funds.

Boston Crusaders, PO Box 51391, Boston, MA 02205

2018 Crusader Club Members

1940 Club

Albert Chardovayne, Aidan Williams, Bill McDonald, Brent McDonald, Carol Holland, Charles Dale, Chris Holland, Craig Scott, Daniel Holland, Dan Pitts, Dorothy Jackson-Turek, Ed Morris, Eileen Hoffman, Elizabeth Wilson, Eric Lunde, Frank Neuwinger, George Cooper, Jay McMahon, Jen Mansfield, John Lee, Josh McEwan, Kevin Thebado, Kevin Witherell, Kimberly Brown, Kristen Wilson, Linda Heffernan, Lisa Munroe, Matthew Seifert, Maureen Murphy, Michael Yager, Oscar Escobar, Robert Evans, Rob McGill, Rob Veneziano, Ron Sobolewski, Shawn Donnell, Steve Proctor, Susuan Marshall, Virginia Chiampa, William Thomas

The Lion’s Den

AST Fund Solutions, LLC, Altimetrik, Elliot Babchick, Benefit Focus, Jeffery Bickford, Bridgepoint Group, LLC, Broadridge Financial Solutions, CAE Solutions Corp., Cahill & Daughters Insurance Agency Inc., Julia Cichowski, Citibank, Computershare, Connecture, James Cronin, Daniel Greer, Deloitte Services LP, Donnelly Financial, DST Systems, Inc., Daniel Dwan, Eaton Vance Management Charitable Gift Fund, Emergent Billing LLC, Enbridge, Fidelity Investments, Fiserv, GIBC Digital, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Chauncey Holder, Stephen Hooley, Charles Jacco, James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Foundation, KPMG, Michael Liberatore, Marchon Partners, Garry Martin, Brent McDonald, Marty and Karen McGee, Jay McMahon, MJW Charitable Foundation, Inc., Lisa Munroe, NextHealth Technologies, Daniel Pitts, Kim Potter, Plymouth Rock Foundation, Putnam, Remo, Jon Randall, David Reynolds, Ropes & Gray, Charles Rossi, Jack Shallow, Lisa Silipigno, David Simon, State Street, Michael Stevens, David Surface, Teladoc, United Health Care, Alicia Wells-Smith, Michael Woodall

Diamond Level

BNY Mellon, Boston Cultural Council, Brown Brothers Harriman, Burke, Inc., CFGI, Charles Schwab, Steven Cirillo, COR Behavioral Group, Jack Donovan, Emergency Medicine Solutions, Eversource, Friends of Post Office Square, Paul Gowern, IHS Markit, The Judge Group, Lightower Fiber Networks, Long’s Jewelers, McKinsey & Company, Inc., Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, Ken Mason, Rob McGill, Post Office Square Redevelopment Corp, RCN, William Rosenweig,  United Missouri Bank

Crystal Level

Alpine Consulting, Jeff Bajgot, Bank of America, Steven Cirillo, Ron Coyne, Daniel Dwan, William Gastrock, Thomas  & Cindy Gleeson, Jennifer Gold, Marcia Hanlon, Derek Kwan,Keith Kettle, Nicholas Klesaris, Christopher Madaio, Mark McKenna, Karen McGee, Rob McGill, Dennis Rathman, Ginny Pitts Commander, Gregory Pych, PWC, Charles Rossi, Jacke Ryan, Maureen San Cartier, Chris Stevens, Charles Schwab, The Wilbury LLC, Elizabeth Wilson

Platinum Level

 American Funds, Amundi Pioneer, Barclays, Berkshire Bank, Edward Black, BlackRock, Roel Campos, Virginia Chiampa, Cooperative Credit Union Association, Delta Data Software, Shawn Donnell, Steve Duncan, Egon Zehnder, Enbridge Foundation, Envision Credit Union, Harry Miller Co., Harte Hanks, Mark Head, Chris Holland, Hyde Park Municipal, IntelliSurvey, Lee Jex, Rahul Kanwar, Local 103 IBEW, John Maniscalco, Susan Marshall, Massachusetts Building Trades Council, Martha Mazzone, Mandy Meador, Joseph Mellino, Member Insurance Company, Mary Morris, Charles Moulton, James O’Neil, National Quality Review, Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP, Pioneer Investments, Clare Reed, Thomas Rice, Michael Rizzo, Roger & Mary Realty Trust, Christine Ryan, Salem Five Bank, Roger and Mary Ellen Sanders, Nancy Selph, Liza Sighinolfi, Michael Sutphin, Smith Costello & Crawford, Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School, Tasicon, Inc., The Drew Company, Inc., The Jeweler’s Workbench, LLC., John Tobin, Vivien Tucker, Weiner Ventures LLC, Jennifer Welty, Kurt Westerman, Douglas Williams, Kristen Wilson, JS Wynot

Gold Level

Angelo Arena, David Aurelio, Brian Beckmayer, Lisa Bedard, Elizabeth Berry, Mark Bradley, Mike Brandi, Building Wreckers, Gretchen Chamberlain, Raymond Chase, Allison Cochran, City of Boston, George Cooper, George Costas, Michael Curran, Robert Davol, Joseph Early, Melinda Eberhart, Sandra Ellis, Robert Faulconer, Anne Fields, Adrianna Fuentes, Sharon Fuentes, Lori Garofolo, Deron Gerow, Steven Gilmore, Thomas Giove, Mark Gorham, Robert & Margaret Grandbois, Andy Green, Felicia Gulachenski, Linda Heffernan, Robert Heinle Sr., Carol Holland, Gabriele Hupperich, IUOE Local 4, Andrea Joseph-Nickels, Dan Kelly, Walter Kolaitis, William Kresser, Amherst Label, David Lafond, John Lee, Liberty Bay Credit Union, Eric Lunde, Leon May, Local 4, Brian Mazzoli, Bruce McAllister, Mary McCarthy, Mary Anne McDonald, Michelle McGee, Steven McGee, Michael Meaney, Theresa Michie, Wade Murray, Frank Neuwinger, Research Now, Paul O’Brien, Linda O’Connor, Jane Osterhout, Parind Oza, Anothony Pipitone, John Pipitone, Matthew Pollock, Steve Proctor, Elizabeth Rawlins, Thomas Rhodes, Mary Romaguera, RRF Consulting Group, Brian & Melissa Rush, Samuel & Sons, Santa Sasena, Cindy Scott, Diane Seemann, Matt Seifert, Suzanne Shinohara, Liza Sighinolfi, Kristine Silberstein, Janet Smith, Janice Swartout, Joseph Terry, Richard Theriault, William Thomas, Lucille Ward, Paul Ward, James Watts, Wellington Managment Co., Kathleen Wentz, Jeff Whitman, Rick Woodall

Silver Level

Robert Adams, Thomas & Peggy Adams, AW Insurance Agency, Paul Alberta, Jean Alfonso, Frank Annetti, John Applegate, Julie Ballon, Nicole Ballve, Shulamith Barbe, Helen Barker, Bently Beard, Paul Beauchamp, , William & Beverly Bedard, Marcia Bernstein, Katie Betschart, Gary Bissi, Robert Blackman, Mary Bleazard, Miles Boggio, Jody Boldrin, Rick Bowman, Ron & Tina Branstetter, Sharon Brant, Michelle Bratcher, Matthew Brewer, Phyllis Brian, Cathey Brinkerhoff, Monica Brooks, Shigeyuki Brown, Rick Brown, Sean Buchsbaum, Kim Buczek, Maureen Burgess, Kay Burke, Sally Bussey, Billy Butler, Marvin Carr, Don & Linda Casner, Casey Caviness, Nolan Champagne, Albert Chardavoyne, Evyn Charles, Rocio Chavez, Cheryl Chickering, Joe Chicklowski, Carrie Christman, Carol Cicco, Roxanne Cirillo, Courtney Clennan, Terri Clifton, Joann Cloud, Mason Coats, Billie Collier, Jackie Comp, Michael Conley, Sara Conner, Claudine Conover, Cindy Corbitt, David Correia, Brian Cox, Tom Croom, Barbara Crowther, Carl Cummings, Eileen Cunningham, Charlie Dale, Terry & Ann Daniel, Linda Danyluk, Junette Day, Julie Dearing, Matthew Denaro, Barbara Derryberry, Donna DiFilippo, Robert Digregorio, John & Mary Donovan, Linda Dooley, Lisa Doss, Laura Drager, Linsey Duca, Jody Ducworth, Wendy Dyke, Steven Edwards, Marc Eichenberger, Kevin Elliot, Mary Elliott, William English, Robert Evans, Sharon Falk, Frances Fazio, Barbara Ferguson, Luis Fernandez de Lara, Arthur Flanagan, James Francisco, Harry Freeman, Fred Gastrock, Debra Gates, Eve Gensler, Kayla Gentile, Kristi Gerding, Crystal Godfrey, Michael Godin, Charles & Berta Gojer, Mary Gonzales-Vega, Joy Good, Alex Good, Frances Gossage, William Gould, Jerry Grau, Melody Graves, Karen Gray, Dexter Greene, Rita Greiman, Ashley Gunnett, Susan Haasis, Susan Haasis, John Hadley, Cindy Hagan, Gregory Hagopian, Pantea Hakimi, Carol Hartman, Carmen Hauber, Mary Hawkins, Sandra Hayes, Linda Heffernan, Eric Helt, Paz Herrera, Christine Hess, Thelma Hibbeler, Dan & Glenda Hinrichs, Susan Hinrichs, Eileen Hoffman, Lori Holder, Patrick Holland, Allison Hollaway, Nancy Hollinger, Cynthia Holt, Donna Holt, Barbara Hopkins, Michelle Horton, Maryann Householder, Craig Hoyt, Margaret Huff, Brenda Jackels, Dorothy Jackson-Turek, Daniel Johnson, Richard Johnston, William Joseph, Lauren Kasheta, Terry & Ruth Keating, Michael Kemp, Steve& Mary Ann Kellam, Wayne Key, Dennis Kilc, George Kintz, Betty Kluge, Lucille Koch, Charles Krathaus Jr., Elaine Kuhn, Larry & Flossie Lally, Kimberly LaMarre, Charles Latrobe, Katharine Latrobe, Kim Latrobe, Linda Latrobe, Jean Lavoie, Catherine Lawton, Michael & Susan Lawton, Scott Lazzaro, Cuong Le, Janet Leadbetter, Jim Leahy, Joan Ledwig, Christine Lloyd, Sherrill Logan, Carol Longoria, Alex Lopilato, Locke Lord LLP, Gordon Lousteau, Jerry Lousteau, Stella Lovato, James Lundrigan, Robert MacIntosh, Rhett & Karen Macomson, Barry Madden, Terese & Mike Marquez, Jane Mancini-Puliafico, Kelly Mankovich, Leo Mankovich, David Manville, Danielle Marone, Steven Martinez, Michael Martzahl, Jacob Mauceri, Ed McCabe, Tom McCabe, Howard & Beth McCauley, Nicole McCloud, Colette McCullough, Bill McDonald, Joshua McEwen, Jeffrey McGoldrick, Cynthia McIntire, Terri McKay, Jean McLaughlin, Ruth McMenamen, Neil McMillan, Roger Meeker, Robert Metcalfe, John Middleton, Heidi Miller, Donald Mitchell, Jarren Mohanna, Staci Montgomery, Ed Morris, Genevieve Mosakowski, Noha Moussa, Evelyn & Robert Munson, Maureen Murphy, Ken Murray, Janet Murray, Debra Nagge, Lance Nicolaysen, Barbara Niederriter, Anthony Nisco, Ryan O’Leary, Susan Obetz, Cliff Ocker, Dodie Odiorne, Dorothea Ontiveros, John Orchard, Matthew Ortiz, Victoria Paparelli, Jim Pappas, Marielle Parmelee, Jeanette Peevers, Richard Perrier, TJ Pinales, Mike & Kathy Phipps, Norma Porter, Donald Quin, Jo Raff, John Rec, Jeff Reichert, Anthony Rieger, Marty Rittinger, Janet Robinson, Issac Rodriguez, Teresa Rodriguez, Cheryl Rogers, Anne Rollison, Adele Ronan, Doreen Rossi, Rob Rowe, Ginger Royston ,Susan Ruck, Megan Rumble, Garrett Ryan, Erin Scherger, Norbert Schexnayder, Shelley Schmidt, Douglas Scott, Brian Seemann, Linda Sellers,Pedro Sensat, Mark Serpis, Curtis Shank, Joanna Shannon, Michael Shea, Jody Shipton, James & Helen Shoaf, Alexandra Shube, Jana Shults, Carolyn Sill, Judith Sill, John Smith, Kimberly Smith, Lois Smith, Ronald & Nancy Smith, Lynn Socoloski, Samuel & Stephanie Spelsburg, Tab Stephens, Patty Stine, Kathryn Strandquest, Daniel Sullivan, Rick Tagliaferri, Kathy Tarr, Jane Tewksbury, Kevin Thebado, Genie Thorberg, Rhonda Thrush, David & Mary Beth Thomas, Bob Tiller, Diane Tosh, Kimberly Tucker, Richard Tucker, Kris Tuscano, Robert Tuttle, Sharon Varn, Sheran Vaughn, Maribeth Veidt, Carol Vieger, Jenny Vogt, Aimee Volpe-Chojnacki, Samantha Wade, Penelope Walder, Jennifer Wallace, John Warner, Lori Warren, Mike Wasielewski, Grace Waugh, Kenneth Wehrle, Robert Wellbrook, Clarice Wellmeier, Kevin Welninski, James & Melinda Wemhoff, Kathleen Wentz, Derek White, Steven Wilkins, Mark Williams, Aidan Williams, Kenneth Wilson, Christian Winckel, Scott Winship, Kristin Winters, Kevin Witherell, Elizabeth Wolf, Susan Wolter, Nancy Wooley Scott Wynocker, Michael Yager, Catlos Zurita