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The Lion’s Den

Est. 2015

The Lion’s Den is reserved for our most prestigious donors. With a gift of $1,000 or more, Lion’s Den members receive an annual jacket and VIP benefits, including exclusive access to the corps’ summer production. Joining the Lion’s Den is the ultimate way to support the corps and show your BAC pride!

Your gift assists the corps with critical needs and investment opportunities. In the past, Lion’s Den members have helped us secure working capital, upgrade our kitchen truck with a state-of-the-art trailer in 2019, and provide once in a lifetime opportunities for our marching membership. Every contribution goes right to improving the member experience or investing in our future.

Click below to join the club and become a member of the Lion’s Den.


Boston Crusaders, PO Box 51391, Boston, MA 02205

2021 Lion’s Den Jacket


2021 Members

Jeffrey Bajgot • Norm Barber • Jeff And Justine Bickford • Steven Cirillo • Chip And Ginny Commander • James Cronin • John Donovan • Joe Early • Thomas Gleeson • Jennifer Gold • Daniel Greer • Marcia Hanlon • Chris Holland • Shawn Kelley • Nicholas Klesaris • John Lee • Marty McGee • Karen McGee • Steve And Michelle McGee • Mark McKenna • Paul McManus • Lisa Munroe • Jim O’Neil • Daniel Pitts • Kim Potter • Jon Randall • John Ryan • Roger & Mary Ellen Sanders • John Shea • Lisa Silipigno • David Simon • Ronna Sletten • David Stauffer • Michael Stevens • Dave & Debbie Surface • Vivien Tucker • Paul Ward • Jen Welty • Elizabeth Wilson • Michael Woodall • Richard Woodall