Midwinter Update – 2017

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Midwinter Update – 2017

On March 1, 2017, in News

With the February camp in the books, the 2017 Boston Crusaders continue to carry great momentum as the winter months give way to March. The full brass and percussion sections were on hand this past weekend and focused on two minutes of ensemble music, consisting of fast tempos and virtuosic moments for subsections of brass and battery – at furious speeds! In addition, the brass section learned 2 more minutes of new material (the ballad). This show will prove to be an intense and emotional package. The ensemble has learned over 8 minutes of the 2017 production.

Designers Ryan George, Leon May, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, and Brady Sanders were present to evaluate and hear the production live. Production specialist Zach Schlicher and visual caption head Aaron Bailey continue to lay the foundation for summer success and long term success. Gino Cipriani, Director of Music, continues to elevate everything that we do.

Under the watchful eye of Ron Lambert, the camp was executed smoothly thanks to a tremendous group of volunteers that prepare, transport, feed, and care for our members every month. Our dedicated uniform crew was on hand to fit the performers for the newly designed custom uniforms created by the Band Shoppe and Keith Potter. The 2017 corps will have a new look from head to toe. Much work has taken place since August to prepare for this moment – exciting times!

The front ensemble assembled the brand new 2017 Yamaha pit equipment. The Crusaders will once again perform on all new Yamaha equipment. We are looking forward to the custom finish battery equipment and new brass instruments.

We return to Lakewood Ranch March 24th. But drum corps season is heating up so plan and purchase now:

  1. Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend, April 28-30th, Lakewood Ranch – More Information TBA
  2. Castleton, VT 2017 Move-in, May 20 – June 14
  3. Concert in the Park, Post Office Square, Boston, June 15 – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
  4. Spring Fling, Teacher’s Union Hall, Boston, June 16 – CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS
  5. Family and Friends Night, Everett Stadium, Everett, MA, June 17 – More Information TBA
  6. Crusader Country! San Antonio, Allentown, DCI Championships Indianapolis – CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS
  7. East Coast Classic, Lawrence, MA, August 3 – Tickets go on sale March, 17th