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2024 Leadership Team

On May 25, 2024, in News

As our 2024 season kicks off this week, we are proud to announce our 2024 leadership team! This team of seasoned leaders will guide the corps through the 2024 season, under the supervision of Leadership Coach Howard Weinstein. Please join us in congratulating:

Drum Majors:

Wes Booker
Joe Zishka
Marielle Chrupcala


Trey Pile – Horn Sergeant
Hunter Jones – Trumpet Section Leader
Donavan Leary – Trumpet Section Leader
Owen Clark – Mellophone Section Leader
Emma Loesch – Mellophone Section Leader
Wyatt Andrews – Baritone Section Leader
Ryan Ornelas – Baritone Section Leader
Zach Dommenge – Tuba Section Leader


Yogev Rikin – Snare Section Leader
Matthew Smith – Snare Section Leader
Cammie Formato – Snare Section Leader
Mauricio Gonzales – Tenors Section Leader
Matteo Zuzek – Bass Drum Section Leader

Front Ensemble

Nicholas Bryant – Front Ensemble Section Leader
Michael Sheets – Front Ensemble Leadership
Anthony Albano – Front Ensemble Leadership
Jeremy Salerno – Front Ensemble Leadership

Color Guard

Jaylen Gedge – Color Guard Captain
Gabriel Salinas – Color Guard Captain
Anneka Nestvogel – Color Guard Captain
Zoe Scott – Color Guard Captain


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