January Production Camp Recap

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January Production Camp Recap

On January 23, 2018, in News

The 2018 Boston Crusaders brass and percussion assembled January 19 through January 21 at Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton, FL. Over the three days all sections worked to put together the first four minutes of the 2018 music production. Brass and Battery performers spent time on movement and choreography with Brady Sanders and Zach Schlicher. All continued to work on the movement and marching program with Aaron Bailey and his team. The musicians came in extremely well prepared and the result was a very rewarding weekend for all.

Other activities included the medical records gathering, physical assessments and functional movement analysis on each individual performer. Dr. Vivien Tucker and Sarai Sabatino worked throughout the entire weekend on these important tasks.

Friday night included a 60 minute presentation on policies and reporting. The Boston Crusaders is committed to creating a culture and atmosphere that is safe, diverse and inclusive. The policy presentation included topics such as, Hazing, Sexual Harassment, Mandated Reporting, Reporting Chain and Options, Drug and Alcohol Policy, DCI Code of Conduct, Transparency and other important topics. This was step one in a series of planned learning opportunities for members, staff and volunteers. We strive to be exceptional on and off the field and we are committed to holding each other accountable to the highest standards.

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who helped plan and execute a great weekend for all!