2019 Season Wrap-Up

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2019 Season Wrap-Up

On August 27, 2019, in News

The Boston Crusaders and their 2019 program “Goliath” gave fans an unforgettable summer! The corps placed 6th at the DCI World Championships, earning their highest historical score in DCI competition. Brilliant performances brought the crowd to its feet every night of tour with  new twists keeping them on their toes all the way through championships.

This summer the corps continued to show competitive growth on the field and took a huge step in our “Becoming A Champion” journey. Many, many nights saw razor close finishes with top corps like Carolina Crown and the Cavaliers and on many nights the corps was within striking distance of corps like SCV and Bluecoats.

The color guard took top honors once again with their second consecutive George Zingali Award For Best Color Guard. The repeat Zingali champions had an incredible summer, placing first at every DCI regional competition, and winning guard two out of the three nights in Indianapolis (including the decisive win on finals night). Congrats to Michael Townsend and the guard staff and kudos to the incredible performers!

The consistent work ethic of our brass members, all winter and every night (even after practice or shows), elevated the level of BAC brass virtuosity. Our percussionists showed incredible tenacity and a never quit attitude which embodies the core of the BAC. The overall music program, the complexity and demand of the show, was a huge step forward and provided audience members with a memorable experience.

Off the field, an army of volunteers, parents, and administrators made sure the corps traveled safely. The medical team, under the direction of Dr. Vivien Tucker, kept the members in top shape throughout long hot rehearsals and show days. The administrative team, under Jack Kaplan’s tireless effort, worked night and day to coordinate travel, housing, and all things quality of life throughout a jam packed schedule. Our drivers kept our most precious asset, members and staff, safe throughout the 13,000 mile tour and the fleet never failed; not even once. Our behind the scenes prop, costume, and creative team never stopped creating to help bring Goliath to life. Our outstanding media team captured it all to give our fans and alumni insight and connection while the corps traveled far from home. It takes an army to get a corps down the road and we are grateful to have so many hands behind the scenes working continuously all summer long.

As we close a chapter on 2019, we look back on a summer of excitement and entertainment for all involved. As we move into 2020, we look forward to celebrating the Boston Crusaders’ 80th consecutive years of operation! Stay tuned for more information as we prepare for an exciting anniversary season!

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