BACPit Presents “Black Keys”

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BACPit Presents “Black Keys”

On August 2, 2020, in News

The BACPit is proud to present their summer project, Black Keys.

From the start, the Black Keys Project was a way for the members of the Boston Crusaders Front Ensemble to connect and play music during the separation brought on by the Coronavirus and the cancelation of our summer season.

While neither the composition of this piece nor our performance of it were imagined in connection to the Black Lives Matter Movement, we do feel that it is important to recognize our platform within the DCI community. In a small effort to demonstrate our solidarity with the movement, we decided to wear the #BlackLivesMatter shirts created by Zildjian to direct all profits of purchase to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

We hope that as you share this video and long for the days of drum corps, you are also reminded of the importance of continuing to fight for black lives. Let’s all continue to educate ourselves and challenge each other. Stay safe out there and thank you for watching!

Special thank you to:

Iain Moyer
Kenny Swartout
Nina Smith
Nolan Vild
Brandon Serrata
Matt Albano
Continuous Motion Productions