Introducing Our New Equipment Truck

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Introducing Our New Equipment Truck

On May 25, 2022, in News

A championship level corps requires a world-class infrastructure. Over the last eight decades, our fleet has evolved from a singular secondhand bread truck to a multi-vehicle fleet featuring six buses, three semis, two Sprinter vans, a box truck, and a handful of chase vehicles. As our aging fleet slowly reaches the end of it’s useful lifespan (all while traveling over 10,000 miles each summer) we have been gradually replacing our vehicles with new, state-of-the art investments that will serve the corps for decades to come. Over the last five years, we have already replaced our mobile kitchen trailer and 30-year-old secondary equipment trailer. Now, it’s time our 25-year-old secondhand primary equipment trailer also receives a proper upgrade.

Our new trailer is a 53’ custom-built 2021 Kentucky Trailer that will house all of our brass, battery, and a majority of our front ensemble instruments. Since the members begin and end every day by loading and unloading over a ton of equipment from the trucks, it is important that their storage trailer is as state-of-the-art as the shows you see on the field. The new trailer has been custom designed with the membership experience in mind to ensure safety and efficiency when packing up or unloading for rehearsal. The new upgrades include multiple entry points from the exterior of the vehicle (allowing multiple sections to load instruments without ever entering the truck or climbing stairs), a lower deck for the pit to easily load keyboards from the side of the truck, easier-to-use rollup back doors, improved lighting, rubber flooring, and specialized angled shelves to reduce shifting during travel.

Our fleet team has been relentlessly building out the trailer throughout the winter. Thanks to the help of our fleet team, David Simon, Jack Kaplan, Jim O’Toole, and Paul Ward, the trailer will be hitting the road for the 2022 season. Check in with the fleet team to learn more about the truck as they finish the build out in the video below!


Want to support the truck and see your name on it? Make a contribution towards our equipment truck campaign by clicking here. We are seeking 300 donors to help us complete the interior of the truck. All donors who pledge over $500 will receive their name on the back of the truck.