Howard Weinstein Rejoins BAC With Weinstein Leadership and Consulting Program

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Howard Weinstein Rejoins BAC With Weinstein Leadership and Consulting Program

On February 22, 2023, in News, Staff News

The Boston Crusaders are excited to welcome back former corps director and Hall of Fame member Howard Weinstein as Leadership Coach, adding his Weinstein Leadership and Consulting program to the 2023 Boston Crusaders curriculum.

At our core, the Boston Crusaders’ mission is to provide its members an opportunity to reach their highest potential, both as a person and an artist. Leadership is a key component to our members’ success, and is a valuable part of the BAC experience that our members will carry on into the future, as they in turn become leaders in their respective professions and communities. By bringing Howard to the team, the Boston Crusaders are continuing to invest in our members’ education, experience, and lasting impact on the future.

“While every educator, staffer and administrator influences the performers, we are excited to have a dedicated expert implement a dynamic curriculum that will put a foundation in place that will benefit all of the members and staff,” said Chris Holland, Exec. Director. “Howard is a friend, colleague, and mentor. Adding him and his curriculum to our experience will further elevate the Boston Crusaders on and off the field. The success he brought to the Boston Crusaders on and off the field – and the fact that he is a BAC Hall of Fame member – makes this even more special.”

Howard Weinstein addresses the corps on finals night in 2003.

Ahead of the season, Howard will run a bimonthly remote class with the leadership team and begin live sessions at April Camp in San Antonio, TX. Leading up to move-in, the curriculum will increase to weekly sessions, culminating with a two day intensive program on campus in Vermont during leadership pre-move-in. The leadership team will continue to have access and guidance from Howard throughout the summer. Howard will continue to be a resource for staff, members, and administration with key visits to the corps planned throughout tour.

Howard Weinstein holds a degree in music education from the University of Central Florida, and has been a music educator for the past 35 years. He currently serves as a designer, teacher, adjudicator, and clinician for music ensembles around the country, including Tarpon Springs High School Leadership and Music Conservatory for the Arts and Infinity Percussion in his home state of Florida. He also owns “Weinstein Leadership and Consulting” where he worked with more than 30 college and high school band programs and hosts a student leadership implementation podcast for music educators called “The Leadership Ladder”. During his time with BAC, Howard was instrumental in the corps’ rise to finals in 1999, serving as the Program Coordinator and eventually Corps Director until 2007. Howard has also served as the Corps Director for Blue Stars, Program Coordinator for Colts, and was inducted into the BAC Hall of Fame in 2006.