Announcing 2015 Drum Majors: Aidan Williams and Chase Tucker

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Announcing 2015 Drum Majors: Aidan Williams and Chase Tucker

On November 2, 2014, in Member News

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We are proud to announce Aidan Williams and Chase Tucker as the 2015
Boston Crusaders Drum Majors.  Corps Director Andy Waldukat states, “Chase and Aidan
are incredible leaders in the drum corps. Their experience, dedication, and passion for
the Boston Crusaders made them a natural fit for the role.” We are excited to have these
gentlemen continue in the incredible lineage of Crusaders Drum Majors, as they lead the
75th Edition of the corps.

Find out more about Aidan and Chase:



Name: Aidan James Williams
Age: 20
Where you’re from: Lake Worth, Florida
Your previous section/position: Mellophone, 2014 Horn Sergeant
This summer will be how many years with BAC: 4
High School: Park Vista High School
College/Major: Florida State University. Actuarial Science/Risk Management double major
Other marching experience and years (high school, winterguard, winter drums, or college):
Park Vista Striking Cobra Marching Band- 4 years,  FSU Marching Chiefs- 1 year

What does being a Crusader mean to you?

Being a Crusader means to be a part of a lineage of incredible people that dates all the
way back to 1940. From one crusader to another, no matter the age, there is a close
bond that is hard to explain. The best part is, we get to call each other family,
because we are. Being a crusader is being a part of something that is much bigger than
myself… an organization of rich history, compassion, perseverance, character, and
I am honored to just be a part of it. I have learned so many valuable things while being
a Crusader that it has become a huge part of my identity. So really, being a
Crusader means being myself.

What advice would you give anyone who is auditioning for the corps today?

For the couple of months leading up to camp, preparation is key. However, as you get
closer to the audition, you should be ready and your focus should shift to staying
humble and relaxed. Passion for the activity, a good attitude, and confidence are
what we are looking for. Do not worry about if you are “good enough.” That doesn’t
exist at the Boston Crusaders. The real question is, are you passionate enough? The
whole point of the summer is to learn and get “good,” which is what will happen.
So while at a camp, have fun with the experience! Also, do your best beforehand to
get to know faces and names, it will take the nervous edge away.  Everyone will be
going through the same thing that you will be, so you might as well do it together.

What are you most excited for in 2015

What isn’t there to be excited about? It’s the 75 anniversary of this amazing corps!
I am most excited about representing 75 years of tradition and excellence and to be
leading the way with Chase Tucker.  I cannot wait to begin what is going to be the one
of the most memorable seasons of our history. After what this corps has been through,
since its foundation, it is incredible to say that we will be celebrating 75 years. It is truly
a special and much anticipated year for us and by the end of the summer, everyone
is going to know and remember it.



Name: Chase Tucker
Age: 21
Where you’re from: 
Flower Mound, TX
Your previous position: 
Front Ensemble
This summer will be how many years with BAC: 4
High School: 
Marcus High School
Texas A&M University, Supply Chain Management
Other marching experience and years (high school, winterguard, winter drums, or college):
Marcus High School Marching Band (2008-2012)

Why should anyone audition to be a Crusader?

One thing that sets apart being a Crusader from being a part of any other drum corps
is the fire and passion that resonates throughout the entire corps. It is something that can’t be
explained to anyone who hasn’t experienced it first hand. This corps never gives up and never stops
fighting for perfection. This is so unique to the character of the Crusaders, and you can’t really
experience it anywhere else in the activity. No one else has the history filled with adversity
and triumph like Boston does. When you become a Crusaders, you become part of a family,
and it’s a family that you have for life.

What advice would you give anyone who is auditioning for the corps today?

Be undeniable. You have to be so prepared and adaptable to critique. You have to make sure that
the staff feels like they cannot afford to not have you as part of the 2015 Boston Crusaders. Don’t be
afraid and timid about the process. Be confident in the fact that you are brave enough to even want
to audition, and put everything that you have out there for the staff to see.

What are you most excited for in 2015?

Obviously it is amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to be a part of the
75th anniversary of this historic organization. Getting to represent everything that this
corps stands for is a tall task, but I am so excited to live up to the Giant expectations.
Being a Drum Major will be bring new and exciting challenges that I have never experienced,
but I am ready to meet them and tackle them!

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