March Production Camp Recap

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March Production Camp Recap

On March 19, 2019, in News

The Boston Crusaders celebrated St. Paddy’s day in the great state of Texas, finishing off a brass only weekend production camp. Once again our host, The Colony High School, made our stay productive and memorable. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped provide for our members at the February and March Texas camps. It was great to have so many Texas alums around the 2019 corps.

While many of our guard members and percussionists were competing in WGI, the entire brass section came to Dallas well prepared and put together an entire production — another three plus minutes of music! The preparation of the brass performers in between camps has been nothing short of outstanding. FloMarching was on site Friday night and Saturday morning, gathering some preseason visual and brass content. Be on the lookout for some 2019 BAC from FloMarching.

Our two Texas weekends were great successes. We look forward to our big return to Lakewood Ranch, FL for the April 26-28 final production camp where the Zingali award winning color guard will complete the 2019 audition process. Click Here To Register For Auditions

Florida Preview 4/28 – Save The Date!

We will conclude the weekend with our family and friends performance on Sunday, April 28 11:30am in the stadium at Lakewood Ranch. We ask that you please bring a donation of disposable goods as your “ticket to entry”. We spend over $30,000 on disposable goods every year so your help is very much appreciated! Here are the disposable goods donations that we will be accepting:

  • Forks, Knifes, and Spoons (plastic)
  • Napkins (any)
  • Styrofoam Plates (9″)
  • Styrofoam Cups (16oz)
  • Disinfectant Wipes (any)

The Boston Crusaders will perform excerpts from the 2019 program as well as several other pieces that have been rehearsed during the winter months. Merchandise and concessions will be available for purchase!

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