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SmartMusic and Boston Crusaders

On March 5, 2019, in News, Sponsors

Technology plays a key role in the Boston Crusaders off season development. The Boston Crusaders brass program partners with SmartMusic (, a web based music education platform. SmartMusic allows our brass players to learn exercises, technical studies, and a range of repertoire from chorales to parade music and of course… our field production.

The program gives immediate feedback, where pitch accuracy, rhythm and note length are evaluated and scored. Our performers are able to use a built in metronome, work passages up to speed, and listen to playback recordings of their performance. Our teachers are able to see and listen to assignments and leave written feedback as well.

SmartMusic keeps our brass players engaged in between camps and creates a competitive environment where each individual wants to achieve “100%” status on all assignments. With advanced literature, it often takes many, many hours of commitment. However, it means our monthly production camps come together at an extremely high level once we are all on site. Therefore, we maximize our music making time because the individual work has already been done.

This tool is not reserved for advanced ensembles. It can be used at the very beginning band level to reinforce and motivate beginner players. With young kids so acclimated to technology, this tool can make practicing “cool” and add another dimension to the learning process.

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