Update on the 2020 Season

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Update on the 2020 Season

On March 26, 2020, in News

It is with deep emotion that I communicate the reality of the 2020 Boston Crusaders and Drum Corps International summer cancelation. The Inspire Arts & Music Board of Directors and administration remain steadfast and committed to continuing our mission in 2021 and beyond. While the shock of this settles in, I know I can speak for our alumni, fans, friends and 2020 members – who are now absorbing the news – We Will Never Die are not just words. This is a challenge we will work through and we look forward to working with Drum Corps International to resume activities in 2021.

For perspective, we are most certainly part of a larger society. This unprecedented situation requires we all do our fair share and keep the safety and wellness of our society – and our members, staff, volunteers and fans – at the forefront of all decision making. There is simply too much uncertainty to allow for proper planning and execution of a pretour move-in and traveling summer tour. While the country recovers and perseveres through this crisis, regions and communities will recover at different rates. Likewise, the impacts this has had, and will have, on our members, parents, staff, alumni and fans, cannot be understated. We will come out of this stronger, but we need time.

For our partners and vendors, the support we have received has been overwhelming. This will be a stressful period for them as well. The pageantry community supports and consumes the travel industry – flights, cars, hotels, large bus contracts, tractor trucks. Likewise, we support and consume facilities, dorms, campuses, stadiums, indoor and outdoor athletic fields. We support and consume food, fuel, print and digital marketing. A large number of employees and contractors rely on the spring and summer months for income. Cancelation is a last resort – and it has never happened. We will be back. We will all work together to recover from this.

For our disappointed alumni and fans, we share in your disappointment. Since we marched out of the finals tunnel last August, we have been planning organization wide for an 80th anniversary season. The entire organization has prepared meticulously on and off the field. Members have invested countless hours earning contract positions, traveling to camps, learning show music and choreography…becoming Boston Crusaders. But, we need you all now more than ever. Please give us time to work through proposals around prepaid tickets, Boston Crusaders tickets, DCI Crusader Country tickets, etc. At the appropriate time, we will plan some summer 2020 events to bring people together, unite, and keep the momentum going into 2021. This will test our resolve, but no one rallies like the Boston Crusaders. I know we will rally and I know I can depend on you.

Finally, to our incredible membership – you are the 80th edition of the Boston Crusaders. You are all Giants, and you will lead this organization into 2021 to celebrate our anniversary season and realize your dreams – and Crusader Nation will be there proud and loud!


Christopher P. Holland, Executive Director