2020 Membership Performs Virtual Corps Song

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2020 Membership Performs Virtual Corps Song

On July 2, 2020, in News

Over the last few months, we’ve been posting, singing, and proudly wearing t-shirts with the words “We Will Never Die.” More than just a slogan, these words are lyrics to our corps song, “Giant.”

Like the Boston Crusaders, our corps song comes with a deep history rooted in tradition. First penned in the 1950s by a group of members on the way to a competition, the song was adapted from the main title theme of the popular film, “Giant.” The lyrics which sing about “True Blue Crusaders” and “Corps We Love” throughout the short tune, represent the dedication and resiliency exhibited by the Boston Crusaders.

Over the years, Giant has become a deeply meaningful tradition sung before each performance on tour, serving as a common thread that weaves the many generations of BAC together. Without those pre-show moments to sing together this season, the 2020 corps joined together to perform their own virtual rendition, from a distance. Please enjoy this virtual performance of the corps song, “Giant” featuring the BACBrass, the BACCG, and featured alumna vocalist Aubrie Dentino.





  • Ross Beckman
  • Gino Cipriani
  • Ryan George
  • Heather Graham
  • Keith Potter
  • Brady Sanders
  • Michael Townsend


Sophia Aneshansel, Conner Adams, Sierra Bennett, Austin Bezdek, Peyton Bradley, Bethany Brown, Jay Cadwell, Thomas Caetano, Maya Carter, Ryan Corcoran, AJ Crawley, Joshua Curole, Ethan Davis, Aubrie Dentino, Jesus Guitterez, Maryl Harris, Taylor Hartman, Haley Hofmann, Calvin Householder, Davis Kerns, Logan Klette, Bre Mader, Jazlyn Martin, Rihanna Miller, Zachary Miranda, Keely Murdock, Emily Murphy, Sam Ortiz, Carley Patch, Jennifer Pressel, Joseph Rivetti, Kassady Shrump, Harrison Smith, Anthony Soria, David Sparks, Sam Speiser, Anthony Tapia, George Theodoroulis, Sou Uemura, Laura Vokey, Rosa Yin


No matter what we went through in our 80 year history, we were known as the corps that never died. As we face our greatest challenge yet, we are calling on Crusader Nation to rise up and help us overcome. Without a tour, the corps is not only apart but also left without the revenue that makes what we do possible. Click below to make a donation to the corps and keep the Boston Crusaders legacy alive.