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Holiday 2020 Campaign

On December 14, 2019, in News

Greetings and Happy Holidays,

The 2020 season is upon us and what a special year this will be, as 2020 marks our 80th anniversary season! “BAC” holds so many wonderful memories and life lessons for all of us. For me, circling up and singing “Giant” with people who I could depend on, and with people I knew accepted me (my strengths and my flaws), is something that I can never forget.

This year will be a time to rekindle, reconnect and re-energize around the corps we love. During this holiday season, please support the Boston Crusaders, as we continue to encourage these young people who carry on the incredible legacy that is the Boston Crusaders. Be sure to make your plans for the 80th, get to Boston, come to a show on tour, visit a rehearsal. This is your corps.

        Corps We Love,
        Chris Holland — Executive Director
        BAC 1986-1994

Thanks to your help in 2019:

  • BACCG earned their second consecutive George Zingali Best Color Guard Award
  • Our brand new commercial kitchen truck debuted on its first summer tour
  • Inspire Guard began rehearsals for their inaugural WGI Guard World Class season
  • Our world class instructional staff continues to expand with the highest qualified instructors in the activity
  • Help us continue the legacy in 2020

    Contribute to the 80th Capital Campaign, join the Crusader Club, support a 1940 Club scholarship, or sponsor a meal. No matter where you donate, every contribution helps give our members the summer, and memories, of a lifetime. Learn more about our campaigns below.

    80th Anniversary

    In celebration of the 80th Anniversary, the Board of Directors has launched an unprecedented $1,000,000 capital campaign to position the corps for championship-level success. The campaign aims to complete a fleet overhaul and provide infrastructure to support the corps on tour.

    Crusader Club

    The Crusader Club is in place to preserve the quality of the member experience. Crusader Club contributions typically cover tour needs including repairs to vehicles, bus and truck rentals, housing, stadium rehearsal rentals, tents, tables, chairs, etc. with annual member benefits!



    Your contribution goes directly to the members’ breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks while on the road! We burn over 4,000 calories per day! Make sure to check our Facebook page throughout the summer to see personalized “Thank Yous” from our members!

    1940 Club / Scholarship Fund

    As member dues continue to rise, we strive to be able to aid our Giants in having the experience of a lifetime! Contribute just $19.40/month or make a one time donation! You will be listed as a 1940 Club member and you can designate a preferred section to receive your funds.

    Boston Crusaders, PO Box 51391, Boston, MA 02205